8th Annual Senior Open Tournament Results

Tied 1st - John Rossman and Dave Miller with a 69
Tied 1st - Rick Everett and John Cattoni with a 69
Tied 3rd - Chuck Colyer and Bill Sieg with a 72
Tied 3rd - Charlie Dreibelbis and Bob Neylon with a 72

1st - Ron Horner and Marlan Bowersox with a 61
2nd - Sam Auker and Greg Kight with a 64
Tied 3rd - Larry Brough and John Hovis with a 65
Tied 3rd - Tom Urban and Michael Matten with a 65

Closest to the Pin # 8 - Jack Bechdel
Closest to the Pin # 13 - Tom Urban

Waffle Shop Pro-Am

Team Competition
Tied for 1st -  with a 129:  Scott Frey, Dave Myers, Greg Kight, Zach Kight and Brad Fritchman, Ken Lannan, Ray Andrews, Mike Taylor
3rd - with a 131:  Pat Terpak, Mark Johnson, Dallas Gallo, Denny Taylor
4th - with a 133:  Andy Fisher, Gary Dolan, Ted Darrow, Chuck Colyer

Individual Pro
1st - Jack Brennan with a 70
2nd - Andy Fisher with a 72
Tied 3rd - Scott Frey, Jeff Homady, Pat Terpak with a 74

Closest to Pin #8 - Joe Beigle
Closest to Pin # 13 - Doug Goss

Men's Member Guest Results

1st - Dave Myers and Trent Miller with a 121; 2nd - Ken Lannan and Dave Miller with a 128; 3rd - Justin Leiter and Josh O'Brian with a 135; 4th - Kent Smith and Chris Snyder with a 139; and 5th - Chris Snare and Doug Hendershot with a 141

Tied 1st -  Irv Witonsky and Scott Witonsky and Mike Taylor and Pat Hanningan with a 126;  Tied 3rd - Greg Kight and Denny Jaworski and Mark Johnson and Tyler Jolley with a 129; 5th - Tom Alterio and Shane Alterio with a 130

Nittany Open Results

1st - Dave Myers and Mark Johnson with a 68
2nd - Scott Gray and Vince Scarpetta with a 71
Tied for 3rd - Ron Benton and Greg Kight with a 72
Tied for 3rd - Brad Fritchman and Ken Lannan with a 72

1st - Joe Biegle and Frank Webster with a 62
Tied for 2nd - Mike Hoy and Bill Frazier with a 65
Tied for 2nd - Chuck Colyer and Jim Bierly with a 65
Tied for 2nd - Tom Urban and Brian Berkley with a 65

Skill Prizes
Closest to the Pin #8 - Dave Pfaff
Closest to the Pin #13 - Bob Luther

Central Counties 2 Man Best Ball Results

Congratulations to all 52 teams!

GROSS - Prizes awarded to:
1st - Artie Fink (Sinking Valley) and Todd Homan (Park Hills) - 66
2nd - Scott Gray (Nittany) and Vince Scarpetta (Nittany) - 67
Tied 3rd - Randy Czekaj (Belles Springs) and Matt Dougherty (Mountain View) - 68
Tied 3rd - Dave Myers (Nittany) and Mark Johnson (Nittany) - 68
Tied 3rd - Ron Hinish (Iron Masters) and Spencer Hinish (Iron Masters) - 68
Tied 6th - Brian Mann (Belles Springs) and David Miller (Belles Springs) - 70
Tied 6th - Greg Kight (Nittany) and Ron Benton (Nittany) - 70
Tied 8th - Trent Miller (Belles Springs) and Matthew Storeman (Belles Springs) - 71
Tied 8th - Parker Everett (Clinton) and Anthony Stopper (Clinton) - 71
Tied 8th - Ken Love (Iron Masters) and Garth Honsaker (Iron Masters) - 71

NET - Prizes awarded to:
Tied 1st - Justin Leiter (Nittany) and Mark Noel (Nittany) - 64
Tied 1st - Mike Funicelli (Summit) and Douglas Fogel (Summit) - 64
Tied 1st - Derek Fink (Summit) and Ron Kenner (Summit) - 64
Tied 1st - Ed Strickler (Huntingdon) and Noah Strickler (Huntingdon) - 64
Tied 5th - Tim Glunt (Nittany) and Dave Smith (Nittany) - 65
Tied 5th - Mike Braniff (Mountain View) and Drew Curtin (Nittany) - 65
Tied 5th - Mike Raley (Huntington) and Dave Kyper (Huntington) - 65
8th - Dave Lingenfelter (Mountain View) and Matte McCartney (Nittany) - 66